The Fire Lecture 2014

The Fire Lecture
The Fire Lecture
The Fire Lecture.

Today, high-rise buildings grow in number, complexity and stature. They dominate the skyline of major cities worldwide as the demand for a footprint upon which to build becomes increasingly scarce and expensive. Close at home, London and Manchester are no exception.

Originally regarded mainly as places of work or residence, high-rise buildings today and those that will emerge tomorrow, include, hotel, retail, exhibition and conference. Add to this dining, entertainment, fitness and leisure, education and welfare, they may be occupied by many hundreds and possibly some thousands of people at any given time.

High-rise buildings present a significant departure from our traditional understanding and thinking about means-of-escape in case of fire. Firefighting access and fire suppression techniques become even more important, together with the impact of human behaviour in crisis. These pose challenges as to how we design, occupy and operate high-rise buildings that many of us now work in, live in, or visit.

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