Officers of the Company


Is the executive officer of the Company and supported by the Assistant Clerk who are responsible for all administrative matters deputed to him by the Court, its Committees and Advisory Panels. The Clerk is in attendance at all Committees.


Each year three Liverymen are appointed to hold the office of warden for the following year. Their function is to be in attendance on the Court when summoned by the Master and look after the Court and in particular any guests of the Company who may be present. The appointment of warden is an honour in itself, a mark of the regard and respect in which the Liveryman is held by the Court. It does not necessarily imply any further advancement in the Company.


Beadle, sometimes spelled 'bedel' is derived from the Latin 'bidellus" or "bedellus', rooted in words for 'herald'. He was originally an official of the Roman Temple.

The Livery Companies, as they evolved, needed a point of contact between the Master, Wardens, and Court of Assistants and the Livery in general. They therefore appointed (and paid for) a Beadle, who took care of the Company's meeting place ('Hall'), called the Court members and/or Livery together on behalf of the Master, and enforced any disciplinary measures decided by the Court.

He would be issued with a Staff of Office, often wrongly called a mace, with which to protect the Master and enforce discipline. The Staff is usually a tall one so that it could be used as a rallying point at Common Hall etc. when the Livery was summoned to 'Attend upon the Master'.

The Worshipful Company of Firefighters Chaplain

The Reverend G.R. Bush was appointed Company Chaplain in 2010. Currently Vicar of St Mary-le-Bow Church, Cheapside. Prayer and worship have been offered on the site occupied by St Mary-le-Bow for over a thousand years. For more history on the church please visit their History page for more information.

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