The Court

The governance of the company is centred on the Court of Assistants which meets four times a year, the June meeting being an Election Court. The Court numbers between 10 to 24 members consisting of the Master, the three Wardens, four Past Masters with voting rights and elected Assistants. Court Assistants have to retire after 10 years if not selected to become a Warden, but may stand for re-election.

The Court determines the make-up of other committees and working groups, all of whose recommendations have to be submitted to the Court for ratification. The Court also sets the level of annual quarterage (membership fee) and other fines (charges).

Generally, members selected for higher office serve one year in each of the Wardenships with a natural progression to that of Master of the Company. The Master presides on all formal occasions and represents the Company at the many dinners, receptions, meetings and the numerous other events to which he/she will be invited during a very exciting but demanding year of office.

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